Manchester Anthology 2020

Introducing MANY: The 2020 Manchester Anthology, which features poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction and novel extracts written by the talented students of the Manchester Centre for New Writing. The book is a fascinating mosaic of voices, styles, and experiences. Ranging from the bizarre to the lyrical; these pages hold fantastical worlds, surrealist humour, evocative poetry, confronting depictions of human cruelty and powerful calls for hope. Each piece offers the reader a breath-taking plunge into imagination and emotion, twenty-two perspectives to lose yourself in, all grounded in a love of language, storytelling and the drive to be heard.

Despite the challenges 2020 has brought with it, the students have rallied together to create an impressive collection of writing and the book is a testament to both their talent and dedication. The collection provides a melting pot of international talent that brings together the exciting and varied work of twenty-two voices, including published authors, prize-winners and competition short-listees. Think eclectic styles and diverse themes: from an autobiographical processing of a daughter’s relationship with her father, through a harrowing step back in time to meet a woman accused of witchcraft, to a medical examination poetised, and a narrative shaped by journeys. As you will see, the work on display does not follow any single template or prescriptive set of rules – some is quite traditional in form and content, some is not; some looks to the past for inspiration, some to the present and some to a version of the future. The authors play with perspective, genre and form, marking the world with their many voices.

We hope, whatever your literary preferences, you will find much to enjoy here and that you may wish to learn more about some of the writers featured. Contact details for each writer are included with their bio, and they would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Students at the Centre for New Writing have been behind every step of the production of the Anthology. They are the writers, coordinators, editors and publicists and have adapted in the face of 2020 to plan a pandemic-safe online book launch event which you will be able watch back on our YouTube channel if you miss the event. [link will be provided post-event]

Print versions of the Anthology will be available from 28/10/2020 but you can read each writers contribution and learn a little bit about them through our author pages, alongside the PDF on the ebook page.