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Charlotte Wetton is based in West Yorkshire. Her first pamphlet, I Refuse to Turn into a Hat Stand, won the Michael Marks Awards 2017. She has been published in Poetry Wales, Staple, Stand and the Frogmore Papers and won a New Writing North award in 2019. She has performed at Aldburgh, Ledbury and the StAnza Slam and has a spoken word album, Body Politic. 

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The selection of poems here all use a particular sort of language to play – the language of Ordnance Survey maps, or management speak, or the common names of insects. I want the reader to enjoy the inherent rhythms and rhymes of these (almost) found languages. My ideal is that the reader would feel linguistically recharged by these poems and want to savour language, even in everyday life.

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Song of the bug

Segmented tankman

with glass-noodle legs, 

we never stop questioning

O monk's louse, monkey-peas

peasie-bug, doodlebug

medieval perambulator

buffed to a dull sheen

both horse and knight

O butchy boy, boat-builder

monk's louse, monkey-peas

tiny-footed scuttle 

to the dark mulch 

underbelly of anything

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