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E F McAdam is a fantasy and sci-fi writer who loves all things mythology. Having started writing at thirteen years old, she’s been telling tales for as long as she can remember. Her first ever story was about blackbirds, interests evolving from animals to fantastical creatures as the years went by. She completed a Creative Writing BA in Bath Spa University before applying for the MA at the University of Manchester. She’s a barista by day and a dragon-slayer by night. 

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The Scots Valkyrie

The Scots Valkyrie is the first novel in a series called Anam Cara. It is a modern interpretation of an alternate reality, where ancient, pagan religions are more dominant – and fight against – Christianity. This is an excerpt from the first few chapters, introducing the characters and the antagonist as the bear skinwalkers, which continue to stalk the protagonists throughout the novel series.

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The Scots Valkyrie

The psych ward was far too quiet.

Asta edged towards one of the doors. Through the window she saw a patient, a young man, who was strapped to his bed with a myriad of drips and monitors. Files were in little slots outside the door – Asta scanned them, one by one, as she strode down the corridor, until she found the right file. 

    ‘Blair the ‘Screaming Banshee’,’ Asta read aloud with a scoff – typical of her friend to not give them her last name. If the Scots associated her with Bhraghad, then maybe there would have been more chaos. And maybe chains. She flipped through the pages as she stepped into the room. The bed was empty. The cuffs were cut, the tear was ragged as though done by teeth. The evaluations inside Blair’s file were all done by mortals, which explained why the cuffs weren’t iron. 

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