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They’re coming for me in the morning.

I’ve got some time until then, I’d judge it five or six hours by the light. Time enough to think. How I came to be here, where I might be bound for after. I hope there is an after. Maybe I’ll see Tommy again. Lord, let me see Tommy again. If I reach out my hand, I can feel his cheek soft under my fingertips. If I close my eyes I can feel him holding me, lying in the grass to watch the sun set behind the hill. My Tommy.

We weren’t foolish, but we were unlucky – it happens – and when it happened to us we never thought it would matter. We had a plan. Put money by for a license and a place to live, quick as we could, and then we could be wed. People might start counting back, gossip for a time, but it would die down soon enough. We had all kinds of plans, me and Tommy, used to dream up the future lying on the hillside. They made us so happy, those plans. It’s strange it should hurt so much to think on them now.

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