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Georgia Way was born in Dorset. Before her Creative Writing Master’s, she worked in PR until giving in to her obsession with language. 

In addition to poetry she writes libretti, including a chamber opera for Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera, and a song cycle commissioned by City Music Foundation. She holds an MA in English from Trinity College, Cambridge.


This portfolio represents Georgia’s interest in turning old forms and ideas to new purposes, in versions of foreign language poetry recast into new historical and psychological contexts, and in a mythological sonnet with a contemporary twist.



Apollo after a bad night

The sun-god, up before dawn, now regrets

the night’s whisky. Filling the kettle,

he kicks himself for going to bed so late,

annoyed at letting his routine disintegrate. 

He eats a pastry, plus a capsule of flax seed 

to stave off the sugar guilt, then stands

in front of the mirror, finding a pimple to squeeze.

He meditates, using his wellness app

to regain focus: sun salutations and mantras

such as I can fix the day again when it breaks, although mindfulness cannot fix thousands 

of years’ unemployment. He’s a failure, 

(no-one believes in him anyway): he has nothing

to do but watch re-runs of A Place in the Sun.

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