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India-Rose Channon is a poet, fiction author and song writer who mostly writes queer stories. She is interested in not only exploring queer experiences, but also experiences of domestic abuse, and sexism within medicine. She believes that these are issues that can and should be explored in all forms of writing, from poetry to YA fantasy novels to literary fiction. 

India comes from West Yorkshire and finds her inspiration in the rugged, wild countryside and local folklore of the area. She is interested in all forms of oral storytelling, especially collaborative storytelling. Her poetry is influenced by local spoken word lore, and the fantasy and science fiction genres. 

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She said she had to go and so she left, and what am I to do 

when my wife loves the moon? When she walks in the garden 

footprints in the grass spring up in her wake,

when she cries it only wets the plants that keep her earthbound. 

She stood beside the bed, the window open wide

and pressed her face to the wind like glass to a cutting wheel.

Love, tell me how to stop a woman with her arms already out the door,

what string can I buy to keep her still and tethered to my fingers?

I know I shouldn’t ask the moon to keep us safe. 

I watched her close the door behind her and I asked

that the way ahead be easy as the rose grows in our beds,

and the way to me be marked out by a thread spun out of stars. 

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