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Joseph Hunter lives in south Manchester, where he is lucky enough to have a small book-lined room and a large creaky armchair in which to write. Previously he lived and worked in London for ten years, which gave him a lot of material and a great desire to live somewhere other than London. He writes about, among other things, masculinity, desire, and friendship.


Joe Hunter’s novel in progress focuses on masculinity, desire and friendship. His candid portrayal of masculinity resonates with the moral dilemma of articulating and actioning desire; the voice is divided with guilt but always honest, visceral and probing.

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After the opera Matthew knew he had to find a way of seeing Valentina again.

    Tom gave him the opportunity. A few days after their piss up in the Finchley pub he asked if Matthew and Emily wanted to check out the Tate Modern late opening night with him and Valentina. Yes, said Matthew, they did. But Emily was busy that night. Matthew went anyway.

    The long concrete ramp in Turbine Hall was dotted with groups of twenty-somethings. They sat together in cliques, swollen parodies of the school children that populated the Tate during daytime.

    More young people crowded around a temporary bar. Matthew assumed that would be where he’d find Tom. Sure enough, there was his friend’s broad-shouldered silhouette, a little apart from the crowd, gazing up at a glittering sculptural installation.

    Matthew clapped a hand onto Tom’s shoulder. Tom looked around as if he were waking up from sleep.

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