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Moli Lloyd Evans grew up in North Wales. Her poetry explores the formation and sustainment of relationships in modern society, often dwelling on the things unsaid. She wants her poetry to navigate the difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable truths of pursuing companionship, reaching for a candid reflection of the world in which we live. She relies on imagery and language play to build a strange and uneasy tone in her writing. In addition to her love of poetry, Moli enjoys walking in the countryside (preferably to the pub). Growing up surrounded by nature often provides creative inspiration for her work.


This small collection of poetry has been selected from a range of poems Moli has written over the last year. She most enjoys writing when experimenting with tension and feeling, using imagery to create a vivid space for imagining. Her work has been said to show 'sensitivity, skill and formal flexibility' whilst maintaining a 'pleasing and intriguing strangeness'. Moli plans to continue pushing her poetry to explore human relationships, inclusive of all awkwardness and adversity.



At the End of the Phone

She picks up. The voice asks her 

what she’s eaten, is she okay, how 

many steps were taken to the bus, 

was it cold and is there anything 

to report like last week’s promotion. 

The voice is okay too, teases 

the phone cable between finger 

and thumb, leaning 


on the cabinet, 

one foot in a slipper

and another misplaced,

or forgotten. The voice is okay.

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