Paige Johnston

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Paige Johnston comes from a small town which she always hated but now, ironically, inspires much of her writing. She now lives in Manchester with her Labrador puppy and ever-growing tea collection. She’s a fantasy writer at heart, and loves writing about revenge, sword fights, and queer characters. Currently she’s focusing on her first children’s novel, which explores ghosts, aliens, and grief (though she often spends more time perfecting her writing playlists than actually writing).

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Ghosts of Summer is a children’s novel inspired by Stand by Me, but with a supernatural twist! The book follows twelve-year-old alien-hunter, Nora, as she tries to locate a crashed UFO in order to fulfil her dead brother’s dream. However, things aren’t so simple when she stumbles upon a fellow alien-hunter, Olive, who claims to be a ghost. The following extract takes place shortly after Nora and Olive’s first meeting.

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The thought of Olive still unsettled her – the way she stared into the distance like she could see something Nora couldn’t, and her icy skin. Trust the one other alien hunter she’d ever met to be crazy.

Nora passed her mum the ingredients for the pasta sauce before letting out a heavy sigh. ‘Can I ask something?’ 

‘Go ahead.’ 

‘What does a dead body feel like?’

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