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Probert Dean is from Liverpool. His short fiction, such as it is, has appeared in Mechanic’s Institute Review, Stupefying Stories and others.

He is currently studying MA Creative Writing at University of Manchester, redrafting an autobiographical science fiction novel, and writing a new novel about Marxist-Satanists. He composes and performs for the avant-garde punk band Unstoppable Sweeties Show.

On his days off he likes to work part-time in an office.

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‘Her Lady Ship’ is a slipstream short story written specifically for the Manchester Anthology 2020. In it, a cynical mermaid finds an opportunity to escape her human captors.

Read on, but take heed – there be monsters in these seas.

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The human wife glares as they wheel me up to the drawbridge. Glares more as her people, blacktrousers mainly, part to let me through. The looming castle eclipses the heavens – an amorphous, gargoyled shadow against the night. Finely ground gems are embedded in the stone, so the walls glisten like ersatz stars in the corner of my eye. In the distance, the men are dismantling siege weapons and singing (though their songs sound more like football chants).

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