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Rose Amelia Kelly is originally from Leamington Spa and now lives in Glossop, Derbyshire. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Warwick University, and the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester. She writes modern realist fiction; a mixture of short and long form, and creative non-fiction. Her fiction has been described as having ‘structural complexity and control’, ‘emotional weight’ and ‘vivid description’, and her non-fiction has been characterised as displaying ‘first-rate intellectual maturity, eloquence and elements of exceptional insight’. She is currently working on her first novel, Adrift, considering themes of mental health and queerness in a modern coming-of-age story. Her next project is a blended memoir tracing her late father’s life and travels.

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Attendance Allowance is the first chapter of a creative non-fiction project in progress – White Rabbits: A Story About Luck. The project will use place as its structure, as it retraces the author’s late father’s varied and complex life, following in his footsteps across the globe and closer to home. The project will examine her multifaceted relationship with her father and how it has impacted her life. The genre is a blend of place writing, memoir, travel writing and biography.

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Attendance Allowance

My father’s rented bungalow squats quietly on a row of identical buildings. The bushes are taller than the window and the grass is overgrown. Parked outside is his surprisingly clean Renault. The front left tyre is completely flat. I gather my disjointed thoughts, my paperwork, and my nerves, and ring the doorbell. While I wait, I notice the recycling box is overflowing, and make a mental note to check the bin-days. I am waiting a long time. 

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